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HSBC's shares dive to lowest level since 1995

The UK bank is suffering a series of setbacks and now faces money laundering allegations.

Microsoft buys Fallout creator Bethesda for $7.5bn

Xbox's owner confirms it has bought the game developer ahead of the launch of the new Xbox console.

Global shares fall as lockdown fears hit leisure sector

Shares in the US and Europe fall sharply but supermarkets and food delivery firms buck the trend.

Premium Bonds issuer slashes odds of winning

NS&I has cut the interest rates it pays, reducing the chances for savers in its £1m draw.

Rail franchises axed as help for train firms extended

The rail franchising system has been scrapped and a £3.5bn survival scheme for train firms extended.

Renters: Eviction cases resume after six-month ban

Tenants must be given six months' notice as courts in England and Wales start to hear the most serious cases.

'Mythical' Aston Martin Bulldog supercar being restored

Only one Bulldog was ever built but it was sold by the company 40 years ago to raise cash.

Ending VAT-free shopping 'will hit UK tourism and retail'

Plan to end VAT-free shopping for international visitors could cost 70,000 jobs, say retail and travel firms.

Coronavirus: UK firms voluntarily return £215m in furlough cash

Over 80,000 firms have returned furlough scheme payments they did not need or took in error.

WeChat: Judge blocks US attempts to ban downloads of Chinese app

The ban on the Chinese-owned messaging and payments apps was to come in on Sunday night.

FinCEN Files: What are Suspicious Activity Reports?

The FinCEN Files include reports which banks make when they suspect their clients are up to no good.

FinCEN Files: HSBC moved Ponzi scheme millions despite warning

The transfers took place after officials were told of the $80m fraud, the secret files reveal.

Coronavirus: Rolls-Royce considers tapping investors for £2.5bn

The jet engine-maker is reportedly in talks with sovereign wealth funds to raise money.

Gore-Tex: Inventor of waterproof fabric Robert Gore dies aged 83

Robert W. Gore's invention has been used in space suits, guitar strings and waterproof jackets.

Butlin's: 1,000 jobs at risk when furlough ends

The holiday camp firm expects workers to take paid or unpaid leave once the government scheme ends.