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'Farms are going to need different kinds of robots'

A growing number of tech firms are helping farmers better look after their animals and crops.

Waste food: What do you do with 86 tonnes of celeriac?

With hospitality closed during lockdown, charities and apps are stepping in to help cut food waste.

Budget 2021: 'Now is not the time for tax rises', say MPs

The Treasury Committee says "now is not the time" for rises, but they may be needed in the future.

Apprenticeships levy 'has failed on every measure', says HR body

The professional body for HR said apprenticeship starts have fallen and far fewer have gone to young people.

Jobless rate around UK airports above average, say MPs

A report by MPs found the number of people claiming jobless benefits was much higher near the top 20 UK airports.

Budget 2021: Extra £1.6bn for UK's Covid vaccination rollout

The chancellor is to provide more funding for the programme, which has now given 20m first doses.

Budget 2021: Northern Tory MPs call for business rates cut to 'save High Streets'

Writing ahead of the Budget, the MPs say the tax should be cut now and reformed in the long term.

Budget: Rishi Sunak promises help as Covid restrictions ease

But the chancellor says he wants "to be honest" with the public about the shock suffered by the economy.

Budget 2021: £5bn fund to help High Street recover from Covid

Grants for 700,000 firms in England come as Rishi Sunak warns of a "challenge" ahead of the Budget.

The influencer effect: 'Love Island star transformed my business'

Influencers can have a bad reputation but for some people they have proved to be a business lifeline.

Budget 2021: The challenge facing Rishi Sunak

The BBC looks at the state of the UK economy ahead of the spring Budget.

Cryptocurrencies: Why Nigeria is a global leader in Bitcoin trade

A devaluing currency and hard economic conditions make cryptocurrencies attractive despite the risks.

Covid: How this Indian firm is vaccinating the world

The Serum Institute of India isn't a household name, but it's the world's largest vaccine maker.

Six million accidental savers 'created by Covid crisis'

Lower commuting costs, cancelled holidays and fewer meals out boost some bank accounts, a report says.

Budget 2021: Mortgage guarantee to help buyers with 5% deposit

The chancellor says public finances are facing a "challenge" from the impact of the pandemic.