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Jet Airways lenders plan insolvency proceedings

What was once India's biggest private carrier is saddled with $1bn of debt and has been seeking a buyer.

PPI mis-selling claims: The deadline approaches

With a deadline for compensation claims just weeks away, people are being urged to act now.

Kier to cut 1,200 jobs as it seeks to cut costs

The troubled construction and services firm is attempting to save £55m a year by 2021.

Huawei smartphone sales hit amid US curbs

The founder of the Chinese telecoms giant says overseas sales of its mobile phones have sunk 40%.

New Patisserie Valerie owners put butter back in cakes

Causeway Capital acquired the chain after alleged fraud left a multi million-pound hole in its accounts.

UK to launch 'groundbreaking' China stock market link

UK-listed companies will be able to sell shares in Shanghai under a new share link, Treasury says.

'Pilots were not to blame for 737 crash'

The boss of Ethiopian Airlines has rejected the idea his pilots were at fault in 737 Max crash.

Brexit uncertainty 'hitting UK business investment'

Companies should be investing in measures aimed at growth, says the British Chambers of Commerce.

CEO Secrets: My clubs aren't 'pale, stale and male'

Entrepreneur Ronald Ndoro talks about his vision for private members' clubs in the 21st century.

Carole Ghosn: 'I'm a housewife, not a conniving woman'

The wife of former Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn speaks out about his detention and campaign to free him.

Carole Ghosn calls for President Trump to back her husband

The wife of the former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn wants pressure put on Japan over his legal battle.

Wahaca changes eat-and-run policy after waiter asked to pay part of bill

A waiter in a London branch was asked by the manager to pay £3 towards a £40 unpaid bill.

Tattoos at work: Are they still an issue?

Employers have become more relaxed about visible tattoos at work, but some firms still don't allow them.

Berkshire family starts waste plastic swimsuit business

A Berkshire family has turned the oceans' waste plastic into a range of children's swimwear.

India announces retaliatory trade tariffs against the US

The new duties come days before countries' leaders are expected to meet at a G20 summit in Japan.